Why I wrote the story

This is a story about growth and realizing your own unique individuality. I wrote this story for my children and my grandchildren. This story is inspired from a poem which I had written for my youngest daughter when she graduated from high school. I have always loved nature and its creative process. There are so many hidden treasures to be found and so many lessons to be learned from nature. All we have to do is to observe it with open eyes and see its beauty.

I found the same beauty of nature expressing itself through the butterfly, specially the struggle that a caterpillar has to endure to be able to reach its final goal. All of us have received a true gift from the universe that should be treasured. What better way to teach a child than through the examples of nature. Just like the caterpillar has to shed its skin to find the beauty within, I found myself and felt the need to share this story with my grandchildren.

— admin